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Advanced Sports Chiropractic For Optimal Health and Wellness

We integrate Chiropractic, targeted nutrition and back strengthening programs for the treatment of neck and back pain, as a result of auto, work or sports injury.

Our goal is to eliminate the cause of your chronic pain, so that following your treatment program you can return to an active and healthy lifestyle.
-Dr. R.C. Xanthos

Our office incorporates safe and effective adjusting techniques that are taught in the top Chiropractic Colleges in the US. 

Including: Gonsted – Diversified – Thompson – Cox – Leander – as well as 
Instrument Adjusting for those that prefer the “No Crack” type of adjustment.

We provide a comprehensive approach to spinal care, by establishing the cause of your neck and back pain, and understanding any underlying biomechanical/postural imbalances as well as chemical and emotional strain that can contribute to chronic pain and poor health.

* Gentle & Precise Spinal Adjustments
* Spinal Traction and Decompression
* Pain Management Techniques
* Advanced Soft-Tissue Rehabilitation
* Prescribed Nutrition for Pain Relief and Better Health
* Core Strength and Conditioning

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and testing to accurately determine the cause of pain, we then begin on a course of care to quickly reduce the pain and inflammation. Very often, our diet and lifestyle may worsen our symptoms, as food can actually be aggravating your symptoms by the simple chemical reactions they produce. If you know someone that has food allergies or headaches because they drink or eat, then you can begin to understand the powerful influence that food can play in our road to wellness.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Yes! Learn more:
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